Wasp Nest Removal

Actual Pest Control offers best Wasp Nest removal services in Toronto at the most competitive rates. If you are suffering from any type of nest infestation problem, we have an experienced staff that can provide you the best possible solution. We have a range of treatments to make your place free from the unwanted nest. The selection of the treatment depends on the type of bee. In most of the cases, we use spray which is specially formulated insecticide at the affected areas.

NO ONE LIKES TO SHARE THEIR PERSONAL SPACE WITH UN-WANTED GUESTS In the hot days, the Wasps come out from their place. The two types of Wasps, Common and German damage a lot and also causes the painful and annoying stings. The yellow and black body always confuses people, because Wasps look somehow similar to hornets that can also bite and sting you.


Wasp nests are really a headache. Trees, shrubs or soffits, walls or attic spaces, etc. are some of the places where you can find the Wasp nests. These nests are made via gray paper. You must require the professionals to remove Wasp nests from your place. At Actual Pest Control, we do not only remove the nests but clean all the damaged areas and make your property safe and clean.


Wasps are really dangerous by nature. They can sting you multiple times. If you become a threat to them, they can swarm you. But, don’t worry. Actual Pest Control is always there for you. Our certified team can safely remove Wasp nests from your property and save you and your loved ones from the allergies.

We have different techniques to collect live Wasps. We catch the Wasps and then they are frozen. We ship these Wasps to the pharmaceutical companies so they can produce anti-venom serum that can help the Wasp affected people.

If you find any Wasp or bee at your place, immediately call us, our experienced team will analyze your properly and find the damaged areas. They will also provide you the best and affordable solution to make your property nest free.

We provide local and emergency Wasps and bees nest removal services in Toronto. We have the experience to remove the most difficult nests so we are ready to handle any type of nest removal task. Most of the persons who call us require urgent services, we understand your needs and so we also respond as quickly as possible. We always try to provide the Wasp nest removal services within 24 to 48 hours.

At Actual Pest Control, we have a great number of experiences to remove the Wasp nests as well as bee nests. We have served a great number of commercial, residential and industrial properties and have successfully removed the nest from those places without any damage. You can call us as per your convenient time; we are always there for you.